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The setting, the music, the guests—and of course, the flowers. As an AIFD designer and presenter, I’ve had the opportunity to create floral designs for weddings and events all over the world. These beautifully textured containers are truly wonderful to work with: richly hued and elegant, and most affordable alternative to glass, plastic or other containers.

J. Keith White AIFD

Houston, Texas





It takes a lot to pull off a Grand Event: those mark-your-calendar parties, receptions, corporate events and weddings where the flowers, theme and décor must all work together seamlessly. As an AIFD and PFCI designer, and as art director for Flora and PDF magazines, I’ve had the chance to work with a wide range of materials over the years. I prefer using ReCreations containers for many reasons: first and foremost because they don’t get in the way of the flowers. Their subtle elegance complements, rather than competes with the arrangements. I also like how they can be stacked, paired, painted, cut and glued—truly, a medium that offers extraordinary design versatility. I hope you’ll have the chance to try ReCreations for yourself, and to see how effortlessly they’ll work for your next Grand Event.

Ann Benjamin, AIFD PFCI

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

ReCreations containers look great — but they also perform. They’re made of recycled paper fiber, infused with the essence of natural bark, straw and basil, so they’re good for the environment. They’re watertight — so no worries about leaking. And they’re affordable, which means you can give your clients more bang for their buck.

With three neutral colors, and more sizes than you can imagine, ReCreations containers are a floral designer’s dream. The look is natural, sophisticated, elegant … it’s a sort of chameleon container that takes on the style of the design you’re creating.

Ardith Beveridge, AIFD

Minneapolis, Minnesota

By now you’ve probably heard about ReCreations. I recently had the opportunity to work with these extraordinary containers, and was thrilled with their ease of use and versatility. ReCreations containers make spring and summer events easy. For example, you can drop a potted plant in ReCreations, for a fast and elegant ‘quick sleeve’. Or try new ways of combining shapes: two together for a pedestal look, or three for a tiered effect. Think of all the ways you can use these containers for upcoming weddings, parties and holidays such as Easter, Mother’s Day and more. ReCreations will make your flowers look gorgeous, with their simple fluting and classic design. They’re fully watertight. And best of all, these containers are some of the lowest cost around. 

Matt Wood, AIFD

Alameda, California

With the holidays approaching, I’m sure you’re on the lookout for containers and materials that can make your arrangements look unique and exciting. I’ve found ReCreations containers are a terrific option. Instead of wrapping poinsettias in standard foil, for example, give them an updated and upscale look—simply by dropping them into ReCreations. Recently introduced to the market, these watertight containers are some of the lowest-cost around, yet they’ll make your poinsettias look spectacular. And your customers will buy! I’ve found ReCreations containers also work beautifully with holiday flowers and greenery, with their rich, organic texture and sculpted shape.

Kim Morrill, AIFD

Seattle, Washington

As a leading AIFD design professional, you’re probably on the lookout for products that can take your work to new levels. One such product is ReCreations. Brand new this fall, ReCreations is one of the most progressive container concepts on the market in years. Remember Western Pulp Products’ maché? The same company makes ReCreations. But while these new containers are also made from recycled paper, they’re nothing like traditional maché liners. I’ve especially enjoyed working with their rich, organic texture and sculpted shape. They work well with formal or casual, upscale or mass-market arrangements—a high-end look without the price tag. I invite you to see how ReCreations containers can enhance your work.

René van Rems, AIFD

San Diego, California

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