With escalating production costs, you can't afford to have your plants viewed as a commodity. Savvy growers are looking to more profitable markets by growing premium plants. Even in the most challenging growing regions, Western's Premium Molded Fiber yields superior plants — with higher profits for both growers and retailers.


What sets our Premium Quality molded fiber containers apart from the competition:


  • Brass Eyelets & Nylon Hangers — For hanging baskets. Available with extra-strong nylon hangers that snap easily into no-rust brass eyelets or our proprietary Clip-on nylon hanger designed for large volume growers, saving time and labor.

  • Heavy Duty Design — Premium Molded Fiber construction yields an extremely strong, water resistant and durable container.

  • Engineered to Breathe — Even our wax permeated fiber construction is microporous, retaining soil moisture while allowing plants (and soil) to breathe - promoting healthy soil and roots.

  • Superior Insulation — Higher “R” values than plastic or wood without the evaporative loss of moss or coir fiber, virtually eliminates channeling and ensures watering efficiency. When the center drain hole drips on a Western container, the plant is thoroughly watered.


Our performance-engineered containers are designed to provide a perfect growing environment for better plants.




Premium Quality Hanging Baskets

Wax-permeated. Available with no-rust brass eyelets for use with wire or Barbed Nylon Hangers. Or choose baskets without eyelets for use with Western’s exclusive and easy-to-install Clip-on Nylon Hangers.


Western Pulp Containers:

  • grow lusher, healthier plants

  • reduce the need for watering

  • protect against heat or cold


Hanging Baskets are wonderful for traditional plantings such as fuchsias, geraniums, and impatiens. Easy to hang with extra-strong Barbed Nylon or wire hangers with brass eyelets, or with Western’s quick Clip-on Nylon Hangers.

10RD Basket w/ Nylon Hanger
1.34 gal/5.10 l | Qty 22 ea
Nylon Hanger sold separately (Eyelet version shown)
10SQ Basket w/ Nylon Hanger
1.84 gal/6.98 l | Qty 22 ea
Nylon Hanger sold separately (Clip-On version shown)
10 Cascade Basket w/ Nylon Hanger
1.37 gal/5.2 l | Qty 22 ea
Nylon Hanger sold separately (Clip-On version shown)
12RD Basket w/ Nylon Hanger
2.09 gal/7.93 l | Qty 22 ea
Nylon Hanger sold separately (Clip-On version shown)
12SQ Basket w/ Nylon Hanger
2.80 gal/10.6 l | Qty 22 ea
Nylon Hanger sold separately (Clip-On version shown)
12 Cascade Basket w/ Nylon Hanger
2.34 gal/8.87 l | Qty 22 ea
Nylon Hanger sold separately (Clip-On version shown)
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Premium Unwaxed Containers 

Great for color bowls and patio planters. Popular for decks, patios, windows, and balconies. Featured in Sunset Magazine for vegetable gardening. An ideal way to merchandise flowers, vegetables, and shrubs. Empty containers displayed on retail shelves trigger larger impulse purchases.


Patio Planters

Decks, patios, planters, balconies — wherever your customers have little space but want lots of impact! For flowers and foliage, but also great for container gardening. 


Garden Planters

Traditional Series have attractive sculptured sides and the Bell Series give the appearance of classic Italian Pottery. Fully wax-permeated.

10 Clover
1.38 gal/5.24 l | Qty 36 ea
12 Clover
2.30 gal/8.71 l | Qty 20 ea
14 Clover
3.77 gal/14.3 l | Qty 20 ea
1.56 gal/5.94 l | Qty 50 ea
2.98 gal/11.3 l | Qty 40 ea
3.93 gal/14.9 l | Qty 22 ea
5.56 gal/21.4 l | Qty 20 ea
7.21 gal/27.3 l | Qty 36 ea
10 Bell Series
1.90 gal/7.2 l | Qty 16 ea
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Plantable, premium quality molded fiber containers are ideal for bareroot roses, shrubs and smaller trees. Just plant pot ’n all or use for deck and patio gardening.


Western Pulp Containers:
  • plant Pot ’n All

  • reduce transplant shock

  • grow lusher, healthier plants

  • encourage vigorous root growth​

  • protect against heat and cold

Small Nursery Containers

Bareroot roses, shrubs and smaller trees thrive in these containers. So easy to plant pot ’n all, without transplant shock! 


Medium Nursery Containers

Medium evergreen shrubs, shade

trees and conifers, plus

specimen trees and B&B stock

too. Ideal for balcony and

deck plantings. 

2.48 qt/2.35 l | Qty 44 ea
1.03 gal/3.90 l | Qty 44 ea
1.28 gal/4.87 l | Qty 40 ea
1.04 gal/3.94 l | Qty 68 ea
1.62 gal/6.14 l | Qty 40 ea
1.80 gal/6.83 l | Qty 40 ea
1.99 gal/7.55 l | Qty 50 ea
1.80 gal/6.84 l | Qty 40 ea
2.55 gal/9.68 l | Qty 36 ea
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Designed for larger trees and B&B needs, these premium quality molded fiber containers are wax-permeated for extra strength and durability. Yet porous, so roots breathe and plants thrive.


Wax-permeated at the rim and bottom, these large containers are great for B&B stock and specimen trees. Ideal for living Christmas trees, large shrubs, conifers, shade trees and container


9.90 gal/37.5 l | Qty 12 ea
12.15 gal/46.0 l | Qty 10 ea
12.15 gal/46.0 l | Qty 10 ea
16.11 gal/61.01 l | Qty 8 ea
23.38 gal/88.5 l | Bulk Only
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