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When you buy Western you are buying the best, and Western constantly is working to improve its products. While we understand that our competitors may at times offer lower cost containers that are similar in shape and volume to Western’s, there are measurable differences between our products and those of our competitors.




Here are some of the reasons customers prefer our Premium Molded Fiber containers. 


  • A proven product — Western has 50+ years of experience developing and selling premium molded fiber containers throughout the country with thousands of growers, retailers, and consumers. When consumers buy premium plants grown in our containers they are buying a healthier, lusher, plant that will outperform others.

  • Superior quality — Western's commitment to quality is demonstrated by its well-deserved reputation with growers who recognize that Western's baskets and planters can help them produce a superior quality product that will perform well for the consumer all season long. Growers who have compared our containers understand the differences and know that Western's containers look and perform better than those of our competitors.

  • Fully wax permeated containers — Western's 10 through 14 Baskets, Garden Planters, and our Extra Large 24X18RD Containers are fully wax permeated. This makes a difference in how well the baskets hold their shape and resist deterioration. The wax adds strength and structural support to the fiber walls and helps to give our baskets a unique dark brown look while maintaining their shape and appearance longer. Wax aids in water retention. Our waxed containers are microporous allowing oxygen exchange to the roots through pores that are smaller than water droplets (think Gortex® fabric).  Ask one of Western's sales representatives for more technical details regarding the differences between Western's waxed containers and those of our competitors.

  • Exclusive Extra-strong Nylon Hanger — Western's industry-leading Nylon Hanger design is far superior in strength to typical polypropylene hangers. It has proven performance demonstrated by field-testing millions of hangers in both hot and cold temperature extremes throughout the United States, as well as in Canada. Our Nylon Hanger resists flexing under heavy loading and high temperatures thereby providing a more secure attachment. Western’s Nylon hangers, as well as our containers, are made in the U.S.A.

  • Western supports its products with top notch service — Customers get the full Western Pulp team when they place an order: Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, and Production & Shipping. Western’s containers are available through a network of authorized distributors for LTL shipments and factory-direct drop shipments from our facility in Oregon which maintains a live inventory of products for backup support.  

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